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Laboratory Equipment

We are one of the big name in the manufacturing, supply and export of premium class Laboratory Refrigerators. The offered appliances are installed with microprocessor controlled to adjust the set-points, alarms time and temperature for automatic defrosting of these systems. The high performance feedback unit monitors and record temperature, humidity and electrical output signals to automatically adjust the working parameters as per the pre-set values. Laboratory Refrigerators are especially designed for healthcare, research, clinical, and industrial laboratories. These are available in different variants with a temperature range in between 5 to 60 degree Celsius with a capacity of 5000-15000 kilograms per hour.
The Magnetic Stirrers are also known as magnetic mixers. These are particular laboratory devices, which utilize a rotating magnetic field to make the stir bar penetrated in a liquid, very speedily. The rotating field may be made either via the set of stationary electromagnets or rotating magnets. Provided implements are often employed in biology and chemistry, where they can be utilized inside tightly closed systems or vessels, without the requirement for complex rotary seals. Magnetic Stirrers are preferable over gear-driven mechanized stirrers as these make less noise and feature no moving external parts that cause in breakage or wearing.

Key Points:
  • Can only be utilized for relatively small experimentation.
  • On account of their small size, these can be easily sterilized and cleaned in comparison with other stirring instrumentality.
  • No requirement of lubricants that could pollute the reaction vessel.
  • Integrated with highly functional stir bars, can include hot plates as well.
Lab Stirrers are used to make rotating magnetic field and serve to make several experiments in biology and chemistry. These are extremely serviceable when you need to combine components, either liquids or solids so as to get a consistent liquid mixture. The primal function of these stirrers is to foment the fluid for quickening the reactions or amending mixtures. The major advantages of these lab implements that these decrease the endangerment of impurity. In addition, these Lab Stirrers can be well cleaned and are considered as important research tools, appropriate for low & high viscosity liquids and are driven via magnetic power.

Key Points:
  • Offered with low-level noise, display temperature, quite direct and accurate.
  • More efficient than over gear-driven mechanized implements.
  • Proffer proper mixing and stirring, available in various editions.
  • Ideal equipments for areas of research, laboratory and quality control.
Whether your experimentation is for clinical trials, R&D, or current stability, our range of Chambers offers a nonfluctuating, stabilized and humidity /temperature conditioned environment for flawless operation with a control system, which is simple to use and save the time. These chambers are utilized to store and test a wide ambit of products in specific temperature. The applications include shelf life testing, stability testing, expiration date testing, accelerated aging and many more. Ideal for pharmaceutical, life science, personal care, biomedical storage, research, packaging, medical and more, these Chambers are utilized to detect the effects of pre-specified conditions on industrial materials, biological materials and on electronic components.

Key Points:
  • Detection of humidity as well as temperature orbits.
  • Fundamentally utilized in pharmaceuticals industry and are capable to find an infinitesimal defect in the product.
  • Used in the study of living beings and cells,.
  • Simplex set-up & effortless to use, meticulous uniformity.

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