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Laboratory Centrifuges
Laboratory Centrifuges are the high performance lab equipments that are used for the separation of the chemical and the substances present inside them. There are various types of such devices availed by us at a reasonable price.
Laboratory Freezers
Laboratory Freezers are the storage units for the preservation of the lab samples to prevent the impacts of the contaminations present inside the atmosphere. They are used for the deep freezing up to a very low temperature of -20 to -40 degree Celsius.
Laboratory Incubators
Our offered Laboratory Incubator provide uniformity and different temperature range for fulfilling the requirements of the users. Be it gravity convection or mechanical, the mentioned incubator can be used for both the convection. Because of the cost effectiveness and compact nature, this is an ideal choice for the hematology studies, bacteriological culture and drying of microscopic slides that are stained.
Laboratory Equipments
Remi Elektrotechnik limited offers a wide range of Laboratory Equipments for various different applications. These are designed and calibrated as per the industrial standards which gives accurate and precise results.
Laboratory Refrigerators
Laboratory Refrigerators are the cold storages for storing blood samples and various other biological substances. There are various variants of these appliances availed by us with different working capabilities.
Laboratory Shakers
Laboratory Shakers are the high performance mixer blenders to agitatedly mix the chemical substances in a tube or flask by shaking them. We offer different types of these devices like vortex, platform, orbital and incubator.
Laboratory Agitators
Laboratory Agitators are the high speed mixers that are used for the mixing of the chemicals and solvents for the production of various different types of fluids that can be used in medicinal applications.
NEYA Centrifuges
NEYA Centrifuges are the magnetic type agitators that creates a swirl in the liquid inside a plastic or a glass container. They are equipped with a highly sensitive microprocessor unit to use them very easily.
Laboratory Chambers
Laboratory Chambers are the large sized insulated cabins that are used for the detection of humidity and temperature orbits. These are widely used in pharmaceutical industries to find infinitesimal defects in the product.
Laboratory Ovens
Laboratory Ovens are small sized closed chambers that helps to keep biological substances at a specified temperatures to keep them safe for a longer period of time. They are different types of these devices availed by us such as dry hot air and vacuum type.
Mixing Equipment
Depending upon the nature of material which has be used for mixing, the design of the mixer and its allied process is chosen. Mixing Equipment can be used for rendering wet and dry mixing solutions as per the need and requirement of a particular application. The mixing technologies that are used include particle coating, liquid dispersing, material fusing, homogenizing and many more.
Blood Donor Chair
We serve our clients Donor Chair which find usage in many hospitals, clinics and in laboratories of medical institutes. This incorporates a cushion with PU foam which is anti-fungal, leatherette, anti-bacterial and CFC free. The frames are epoxy coated for ensuring smooth and corrosion resistant finishing. Our rendered chair contains three electrical motors to have smooth and simple movements in all the positions.
Blood Collection Monitors
Blood Collection Monitors are medical-grade devices that are commonly used by medical personnel in blood banks and blood donation camps for the monitoring of blood to prevent over and under bleeding of patients. The offered devices are available in many different variants with a compact tabletop design.
Electric Fans
Buy from our range of highly efficient and robust Electric Fans that are designed as per the aerodynamic standards to release a large volume of air to lower down the temperature within a closed space. These electrically powered fans are can be delivered to our clients as per their demands at a reasonable price range.
Cryoprecipitate Bath
The Cryoprecipitate Bath is designed and constructed in order to safely thaw the frozen plasma at a temperature of four degree Celsius to have an optimum Ctyoptrecipitate yield. Our offered bath can also hold up to fifteen plasma bags along with the racks in which they have been holded. In existing plumbing, the shut off valve and the drain line can be easily connected.
Microprocessor Controlled Compufuge
Be it large scale blood processing centers or smaller ones, our offered Centrifuge which is Microprocessor Controlled find usage in both the industries. It is designed with utmost precision and care to be implemented in pharmaceutical industry, clinic & research labs and some general biochemical work. This Centrifuge is perfect option to prepare components by using whole blood such as platelet rich plasma, Buffy coat separation, Platelet Concentrate, etc.

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